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Top and Leading Research Orientations of HNU College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

Research Orientation



Integrated vehicle design and intelligent manufacturing technology


Based on the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Vehicle Body, it integrates vehicles, machinery, mechanics, control, and materials to form new materials, structures, processes, equipment, energy, functions and models integrated vehicle innovation design and intelligent manufacturing technology, and drive the development of relevant leading research orientations.

Intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) technology


Focusing on the development demands of China CRRC electric vehicle technology, it combines the university’s talents, disciplines, and basic research advantages, to jointly carry out ICV technological research.

Special equipment design and manufacturing


Based on the Key Laboratory of Special Equipment of the Ministry of Education, it integrates mechanics, advanced design, manufacturing, and leading research orientations including vibration analysis and control of mechanical structural systems, and marine equipment.

High performance computing and digital design


It closely collaborates with the Hunan University National Supercomputing Center in Changsha, to form leading research orientations such as automotive CAE, and advanced powertrain.

Intelligent manufacturing and addition and reduction of composite materials


Based on the National Engineering Research Center For High Efficiency Grinding, it integrates mechanical manufacturing, materials, mechanics, 3D printing, and intelligent control, to form micro-nano manufacturing technology, precision and highly efficient grinding theory, ultra-high-speed ultra-precision gas lubrication and pneumatic control, robotics and other leading research orientations.

Vehicle body new materials and processes


On the basis of the research of traditional vehicle body materials and cold stamping technology, it makes new materials and process breakthroughs in the fields of thermoforming, electromagnetic forming, and composite molding.

Micro-nano manufacturing technology


Based on the National Engineering Research Center For High Efficiency Grinding, it integrates manufacturing, physics, materials and other disciplines, to innovatively work out new principles, methods, processes, and equipment for micro-nano manufacturing.

Robotics technology and equipment development


Based on industrial needs of the province and the country, it integrates mechanism theory, control, information, and other related disciplines, to develop robot technology for specific industries, and equipment development capabilities.

Vehicle safety technology


On the basis of the original passive automobile safety research, the active safety technology research will be further strengthened, and combined with information technology, to make breakthroughs in the fields of image recognition and sensors.

Precision and highly efficient grinding theory


On the basis of traditional advantageous high-efficiency grinding technology, the research on new grinding processes will be expanded, such as cutting-edge electromagnetic grinding.

Key technology and application of high performance spindle dynamics


It probes into ultra-high speed, ultra-precision liquid dynamic and static piezoelectric spindle; key theory and control technology of air suspension; angular contact ball bearing electric spindle; magnetic/air-suspending high-speed electric machine; and, high-speed turbomachinery, to study the dynamic law, design theory, manufacturing process, and control technology of high performance spindle system, and achieve industrialized application.

Advanced power and emission control technology


Key technology research are conducted, including highly efficient clean fuel utilization, power matching, and emission control.

Solid mechanics


It probes into major mechanics problems in advanced materials (including composite materials, intelligent materials, biomaterials, and alloy materials), and high-performance structural design, preparation, and processing.


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