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The College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering (MVE)attaches high attention to students’ extracurricular life. Variousactivities are held on a regular basis. Rich campus life will help students to have all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique.


MVE focuses on students' innovative ability and hands-on skills, and held provincial-level events such as Hunan College Students Engineering Model Design and Manufacturing Competition and Hunan College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition. On October 9, 2018, MVE established the ME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center to cultivate talents for HNU Student Innovation Training (SIT) Program,National College StudentsMechanical Innovation Design Competition, China College Students’ "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, and“Challenge Cup” National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition.

The College held the automobile cultural festival to widely promote automobile cultural achievements among HNU students and the public, and organized knowledge contests and exhibitions toincrease students’expertise in automobile. This helps strengthen major cultural construction.


The College offers a variety of volunteer activities, including

-winter vacation social activities;

-summer vacation volunteer activities on bringing culture/science and technology/hygienic health to the countryside; and,

-“Caring for Chunmiao” program to assistleft-behind children in poorer areas.


It also offers various athletic activities. Students are active in such events as annual class basketball game, HNU sports meetings, and freshmen basketball games, to keep fitness andget balance between studies and school life. A group of outstanding

student organizations, varsity teams featuring basketball, volleyball, football, and Frisbee have been set up. Eachteam is full of vigor and sportsmanship, and working hardto win glory forthe College!

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