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The Hunan University Racing Team (HUR) is the first international formula student racing team from the Chinese mainland. Established in 2006, it has developed 12 generations of excellent formula cars. It is experienced in R&D and the manufacturing of racing cars. It has achieved remarkable results in various formula racings.

HUR competed in the Formula SAE in the U.S.A in 2007 and 2008, and won the rookie award, and Bruel and Kjaer Quiet Car Cup.

HUR-2007                 HUR-2008

In 2010, HUR participated in the 1stFormula Student China (FSC) and won seven awards.


In 2011, HUR adopted high-revving and high-performance engines, and lightweight racing car chassis. In the 2ndFSC, it was first among all Chinese competitors in liner acceleration, with a result only 0.02 seconds slower than the world-class team of Technical University of Munich of Germany.


In 2012, HUR independently developed paddle shift and traction control technologies. In the 3rdFSC held that year, it won first prize in linear acceleration, second prize in high-speed obstacle avoidance, and first prize of the Best Engine Tuning Award. In 2013, it adopted an aerodynamic package, with good results in the 4thFSC, including: first prize in high-speed obstacle avoidance; third prizes in linear acceleration, figure-8 racing, and ANSYS simulation design; and, second runner-up in gasoline-powered vehicle teams.


In 2014, the team won the 5thFSC champion with a grand slam in various events, including first prizes in linear acceleration, figure-8 racing, high-speed obstacle avoidance, and endurance racing; third prizes in ANSYS design, ANSYS video award, marketing report, racing vehicle design, and lightweight design; and, fastest lap award.


By virtue of its outstanding performance at the 5thFSC in 2014, HUR, on behalf of Chinese college students, challenged the Hockenheim circuit in the Formula Student Germany (FSG) in July 2015. FSG is regarded as the toughest and most influential of the worldwide competitions, attracting nearly 100 racing teams and thousands of students from around the world. After a three-day competition, HUR ranked 16thin total score, setting a new record for Asian teams. In October of the same year, it won five major awards at the 6thFSC, including the fastest lap award and the third place in endurance racing, and was named the second runner-up at the competition.



In October 2016, HUR participated in the FSC again, and grabbed second place in total score, and six awards in events, including first prizes in linear acceleration, and endurance racing; second prize in high-speed obstacle avoidance; and, third prize in lightweight design.


In 2017, HUR was the champion in the gasoline-powered teams with a total score of 860.09, and won several awards including second prize for design report; third prize in cost report; first prize for ANSYS simulation design; and, second prize in the Honda Award. It obtained the admission to the 2018 FSG on behalf of Chinese teams.


In 2018 summer, HUR went to Hockenheim, Germany, for its second participation in theFSG. It competed more than 100 world-class racing teams, and ranked 21stin overall scoring, 15thin endurance racing, 16thin efficiency, and 15thin cost and manufacturing analysis.



After the FSG that year, HUR participated in the 9thFSC in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. It overcame difficulties and emergencies and won the 12thplace in total score.


As a student engineering practice platform of Hunan University, HUR gives first priority to student comprehensive ability growth. It adheres to the philosophy that “Absorption Leads to Glory, and Responsibility Spurs Enthusiasm”. It aims to cultivate student abilities in engineering practice, team management and market operation, and has been the birthplace of a large number of high-level talents with outstanding overall quality for the university and society.

The Hunan University Electric Racing Team


TheHunan University Electric Racing Team is the former Hunan University Eagle Racing Team. Established in 2007, it is one of thefirst university racing teams in China. Between 2007 and 2016, it participated in 9 sessions of theHonda Eco Mileage Challenge. Itsbest result was second place, and it was among the top eco racing teams in Chinese universities. For further development, the team took part in the2ndBaja SAE China for the first time in 2016. It won the 6thplace in the control race, and its total score ranked 20thamong undergraduate teams.

In 2017, in order to cultivate more talents in electric car innovation and entrepreneurship, Hunan University established the Electric Racing Team based on the originalenergy-saving racing team and the Baja cars. Since the university invested a lot of money, and human and material resources to start the electric formula racing project, the team designed and made the university’s firstelectric racing car, ERT2017, in accordance with the 2017Formula Student China (FSC) rules. As an example, this electric racing car was designed based upon past experience in the electric racing car design, manufacturing, and debugging, and much data was collected. It laid a foundation for the 2018 racing car design and manufacture.



The 2017 race car.

In November 2018, the team competed in theFSC for the first time and achieved excellent results. It ranked the 3rdin cost defense, 10thin marketing, and 12thin design. It successfully completed a durability test, which makes up the largest proportion in the dynamic competition and won 10thplace in fastest lap.

The 2018 FSC and trophies.


Currently (2019), the team has 30 core members and 80 team members. It is an integrated team composed of students fromthe College of Mechanical and VehicleEngineering, the College of Electrical and Information Engineering, the College of Physics and Electronics, and the College of Journalism and Communication and Film and Television Arts. Its core members are mainly from the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering. This well-staffed and well-structured team is now actively preparing for the 2019 NEXTEV Formula Student Electronic China (FSEC).

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